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Education Programs
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The TLA offers a variety of learning opportunities through our CPD Nutshells and skills training. Our goal is to support you in your dual role as lawyer and business owner by providing education sessions on current issues directly affecting you and your practice: legal trends, legislative & court decisions, as well as practice and firm management guidance.

Your weekly TLA Update will keep you informed of all our upcoming educational programs. Take a moment to scan it when it arrives in your inbox on Tuesdays.

Nutshell Programs

  • Accredited - LSUC CPD
  • Affordable - $90 for members and $120 for non-members
  • Accessible - held in the Lawyers Lounge at 361 University Ave.
  • Convenient - generally begin after 5:00 p.m.
  • Succinct - detailed, relevant and timely information in 1.5 to 3 hours
  • Welcoming - friendly, relaxed learning environment

Research Skills Training

The TLA also presents a range of invaluable hands-on sessions. Professional trainers deliver demonstrations of library resources and popular databases.

This organization has been approved as an Accredited Provider of Professionalism Content by The Law Society of Upper Canada.

Exclusively for TLA members. For the price of 5 Nutshells, purchase a $449 CPD Unlimited package and get all your CPD at the TLA in 2018. Choose from a variety of practice areas. Some conditions apply.* This package may be paid for in one transaction or by 5 equal monthly instalments. Register today!

*No refunds will be given. CPD Unlimited packages are not transferable and apply to in-person attendance only. The package does not include not include Powerful Speaking Skills workshops.
All family lawyers encounter high-conflict cases. Whether it’s the timing of the separation or intensity of the conflict, high-conflict separations can hijack a family lawyer’s practice. With a number of different approaches to handling high-conflict files, the family lawyer must be ever discerning. From the moment a client walks into your office, you need to figure out the best way possible to proceed. How do you decide and what factors are important to consider? Join our panel of experienced lawyers who will answer these questions and help you understand processes that are available throughout the life of a high-conflict file or one that becomes high-conflict. Full details and registration form.
Professionalism is required in any legal matter, but is especially apparent when appearing on motions. This nutshell is a primer aimed at articling students as they begin arguing Masters' Motions. It contains lessons on professionalism, ethics and practice management. Full details and registration form.
Students and new lawyers are frequently asked to write memoranda of law for lawyers and/or their clients. The purpose is to answer one or more questions based on a specific set of facts arising from the client’s situation. A memo thoroughly analyses the germane law, applies it to those facts and arrives at a conclusion. The ability to write an effective legal memorandum is an essential skill early in one’s legal career. Writing a clear, useful and powerful memo is more challenging and presents an opportunity for you to excel and stand out. Learn how to improve your memo-writing skills in this hands-on program. Full details and registration form.
For many lawyers, taking on an unpopular cause is viewed as a post of honour. The oath that lawyers swear in Ontario mandates that they “not refuse causes of complaint reasonably founded.” This implies an objective standard, one of a reasonable person. But, what about a lawyer’s conscience? At what point should the lawyer’s own moral compass be involved in the decision to take on a client or cause?. In its 8th year, the TLA has organized a thought-provoking program on Ethics and Professionalism with dynamic speakers and topics that satisfy your annual Professionalism Hours. Full details and registration form.
Don’t run the risk of failing to capitalize on valuable opportunities that will help your firm build, optimize and grow. Vince Saroli, National Director – Segments, Thomson Reuters will address how firms can maximize efficiency and potential by revealing small firm trends and practice tips that will demonstrate how you can boost your business. Davoud Salahi Rad, Digital Brand Strategist, Thomson Reuters will discuss opportunities to grow your firm through digital marketing strategies that will help potential clients find you. Join us as we discuss building, optimizing and growing your firm. Full details and registration form.
One of the most overlooked but critical components of any trial, criminal or civil, is the decision to call your client. Inevitably, it is also one of the most terrifying. Your client’s testimony may be essential to answering the opposing party’s case, but it could also undo all of the good work you have done in cross examination in one fell swoop. Importantly, it will also be the last impression the trier of fact has before deciding the case. The crucial question for litigators facing this high stakes decision is what situations necessitate the client taking the stand and where could it actually detract from an otherwise sound case? A panel that includes a Superior Court Judge as well as leading counsel from the criminal and civil bar will examine these difficult questions. Full details and registration form.
On July 1, 2018, the first round of amendments to the Ontario Construction Lien Act – including its new name, the Construction Act, came into force. A second round of amendments will come into force on October 1, 2019. All litigators who deal with construction law matters should join us for a practical program on how these changes to the Construction Lien Act will affect your clients’ businesses and your practice. Hear from construction law practitioners and the construction lien Master at Toronto. Full details and registration form.
Become a better advocate for your client! Overcome the fear of entering new worlds of law and learn to create a plan for any legal issue that is rooted in original thinking. By joining our top notch faculty over 8 modules, you will walk away with 3 sharpened skills applicable to all litigation: analysis, process and strategy. Young to mid-career Civil Litigators will learn from the best. Course leader, John A. Campion, B.A., J.D., FCIArb, Emeritus Bencher, C.S., one of Canada’s leading senior trial, appeal and arbitration counsel will be joined by a faculty of leading judges and practitioners. Certificate in Advanced Civil Litigation available on successful completion. Full details and registration form.
In our 6th annual Supreme Court of Canada roundup, our expert panel of seasoned lawyers and scholars returns to offer insightful comments about recent decisions by our top court and identify emerging trends in the areas of civil, criminal, and public law. Full details and registration form.
With recent world events, a public spotlight has been shone on the issue of sexual harassment. As a result, there have been an increasing number of allegations of sexual harassment in workplaces across all sectors. In the wake of a number of high profile cases, it has become apparent that sexual harassment complaints need to be dealt with swiftly and effectively. This panel session will provide an interactive discussion amongst lawyers, who represent both employers and employees. Full details and registration form.
This program focuses on what every Real Estate Lawyer should know in order to avoid getting sued. Our speakers will discuss competency, relationship to clients, conflicts, relationship to lawyers, practice management and risk management. Full details and registration form.
The articling experience introduces challenges unique to the role of both the articling student and articling principal. This program is designed to enhance the appreciation of actual or potential articling principals and students for those challenges. To be followed by a wine & cheese soiree. Full details and registration form.
Firm Central is a secure, web-based law firm management system for solo and small firms. It improves efficiency by managing workflow, leaving time for you to stay connected to your firm's clients. Free Trial Available.
Learn how to make your workflow more efficient with these features:
  • Matter Management - Centralized case file and client management.
  • Time & Billing - Quickly and accurately track and record your time and expenses.
  • Scheduling & Calendaring - Reduce your risk of legal calendaring errors, and easily calculate and manage court deadlines with enhanced scheduling and rules-based calendaring.
  • WestlawNext Compatibility - Works seamlessly with WestlawNext Canada to build efficiency into daily matter work.

Register to attend a complimentary live training session. Breakfast will be provided, as well as a certificate of completion. Everyone is welcome. Pre-registration is required.

This program contains 60 minutes of Professionalism Content
  • Wednesday September 26
  • 8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.
  • TLA Boardroom, 2nd floor
  • 361 University Avenue, Toronto