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Construction Update
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Construction at the 361 University Court House, 3rd Floor, February - May 2018

Access to TLA offices and the Court House Library on the 3rd Floor is currently blocked by construction work. Please use the 2nd floor hallway as an alternate route, following signs for the Barristers' Lounge. Once you reach the Lawyers Lounge foyer, you may take the Rotunda Elevator to the 3rd Floor. 
Of course, TLA members may also access the Rotunda directly at ground level using their TLA Membership Card.  If you do not know about  this convenient shortcut ask us.  It will take minutes off your travel time into the building, and since there will be more construction over the next year, you may find this route handy.

The above construction is just part of a multi-phase process of SCJ Amalgamation as the Family Court will be moved to 361 University Ave. and Civil Courts to 330 University Ave.  As well, a new criminal court house is being built on Amoury Street.  For details see the press release from Infrastructure Ontario.

Members using Consulting Rooms at 361

As part of the SCJ Amalgamation, various renovations will be taking place in the building to accommodate the changes and update the building.  Renovation work will include the consulting rooms and in preparation, various construction company staff will need to enter the consulting rooms, to look at condition of the floor, HVAC system, electrical and whatever is above the ceiling tiles. 

  • They may enter your consulting room, but will ALWAYS be accompanied by a commissionaire.
  • They will not touch any of your papers, unless they are on a windowsill, which also houses the air for the HVAC.
  • They usually do the inspections after 5 pm and/or on weekends.
  • If anything more than an inspection is to take place in your room, we will let you know.  

Rooms 409A  and 409B– will not be available after mid-May, 2018
The reminder of the rooms will be relocated in December, 2018.
All of the TLA consulting rooms will be moved to their final location in August, 2019

Infrastructure Ontario issues press release re New Courthouse

A media release has been issued by Infrastructure Ontario (IO). 
The new courthouse will bring together many of Toronto’s Ontario Court of Justice criminal courts operating across the city, and will include a multiple accused, high security courtroom, drug treatment courts, Indigenous persons courts, and youth and mental health courts. The new courthouse will also include the first learning centre in an Ontario courthouse, providing the opportunity for the public, justice workers, and students to learn about Indigenous history and issues related to the justice system in Ontario, including truth and reconciliation and Indigenous legal traditions.