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Standardized Real Estate Closing Documents
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The TLA is pleased to endorse the use of Standardized Real Estate Closing Documents (see below). The Working Group on Lawyers and Real Estate initiated this project, which has also been endorsed by FOLA (Federation of Ontario Law Associations), in their mandate is to improve the business of law for the private bar.  These documents, if used regularly and appropriately, are a step toward that goal.

The benefits of these documents will only reach the practicing bar if they are widely distributed and their usage promoted. We encourage our members to share this information with solicitors who are not TLA members.

We now have confirmation from Do Process that the documents will be added to the Conveyancer software and that LawyerDoneDeal has added the documents to RealtiPLUS.  Users will have to ensure they import the package.

One eastern Ontario solicitor has begun adding the following language to initial communications:

Our office uses Ontario's Standardized Closing Documents for all residential resale transactions where the agreement between the parties is based on an OREA contract.  These documents have recently received the  unanimous approval of all 46 County law associations in Ontario and are endorsed by the Federation of Ontario Law Associations and the Lawyers Working Group.  The rationale document supporting the use of these documents can be found at and the use of standardized documents for these transactions has been strongly encouraged by LawPro and the current Director of Titles. Should you wish to amend these standardized documents or if you are requesting additional documents from the Vendor we will require confirmation as to the contractual obligation of the Vendor in this transaction to provide such things.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in promoting this initiative.

The Documents